Furniture Moving Services in Greenville, SC

If you are moving within a 50 mile radius and are staying within the state of South Carolina, we would consider your move a local move. 


Charges for local moves are hourly, plus any additional services you may request. This would be services such as packing, valuation or third party services. 


We have crews that specialize in local moves, they understand that the customer is paying hourly and they make sure to work as efficient and as careful as possible. 



Our local crews will show up on time and ready to work. We use floor protection in you current home and your new home. We use floor runners for hard flooring and carpet stretch for all carpeted areas. 


All furniture is pad wrapped first and then safely and professionally loaded onto our truck. 

On local moves, with prior planning, we can hold items on the truck overnight, this is very helpful for customers who have closings that are not on the same day. 

Call, email or message us for questions regarding rates, scheduling or for a free in-home estimate.